Recycling Plastic Water, Juice and Soda Beverage Containers on Saturdays

  1. Volunteers and participants meet up at The Market STT between 9 am to 11 am on Saturday mornings only for the return of our volunteer community-based recycling initiative. Do not drop your items off before or after these times at the designated location at the Market STT. Please visit fill out the form below to become a volunteer today!
  2. For the sake of efficiency and the safety of our volunteers, we have decided to streamline the process going forward. Volunteers will ONLY be accepting clean and empty plastic one gallon water jugs, plastic water bottles, beverage soda/juice bottles only (PET #1 and #2). These types of plastics were selected for this new launch based upon the data we collected from last year’s campaign before Covid19 struck the territory. September 2018 – March 2020 (Pre-Covid lockdown) we’d collected over 100 tons of recyclable plastic.
  3. No caps are allowed on the containers or any item that is colored black, regardless of the category of plastic. This is especially important because the crusher will not be able to work properly before it is crushed, bailed, and then shipped off to the volunteers at The Market STX for their collected sorted plastics. Once the container is full it is then shipped to the states for recycling. Thank you to The Market STT and The Market STX for their support to the community in this effort!
  4. Volunteers will not be sorting or handling items at the drop off. No black bags holding your presorted items will be accepted at the drop off. Volunteers visibly need to know what you are dropping off before accepting your bags, use only a clear or white colored bag to hold your plastic one-gallon jugs, plastic water bottles, beverage soda/juice bottles.  We will refuse to accept bags that are not placed into a clear or white colored bag. As supplies last, we will be providing one large clear bag per family for use on their next visit.


We urge you to investigate into more ways to reduce your impacts to our overburdened landfills. This is not a permanent solution, and we urge the VI Waste Management Authority to play a more active role in waste reduction efforts with public community-based programs and opportunities.

Thank you for your support and become a Saturday volunteer today!