Help protect the United States Virgin Islands’ natural resources.



Disaster Risk Reduction Management

VICS and NWF secured a FEMA grant to develop and implement the Eco Schools Disaster Risk Reduction Management Program (DRRMP) for schools in the US Virgin Islands. A novel climate resilience curriculum being taught both in-school and as an after-school program.

Plastic Recycling

Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues, as rapidly increasing production of disposable plastic products overwhelms the world’s ability to deal with them.

Smith Bay & Water Bay Watershed Study

The Smith Bay / Water Bay Nonpoint Source Pollution Education/Outreach Project engaged the Smith Bay community and other public and private stakeholders in characterizing the conditions and suggesting solutions to the storm water and NPS pollution problems in the SB / WB watershed.

Solarize St. Thomas

A community-based group purchasing program for solar energy, battery storage, and other clean energy technologies that helps homeowners, businesses and nonprofits become more resilient reduce energy expenses, and save on the cost of renewable energy systems by leveraging the power of group purchasing —the more that participate, the greater the savings.