Help protect the United States Virgin Islands’ natural resources.


The Virgin Islands Conservation Society (VICS) is the fiscal sponsor for the Sea Walls St. Thomas activation. Donated funds not only support the Sea Walls St. Thomas activation, but also the myriad of environmental projects supported by VICS such as recycling efforts, environmental legislation, waste reduction and prevention, and environmental education. Click the “DONATE” button below to make a donation in support of Sea Walls St. Thomas.


1) Name
2) Contact information
3) Artwork portfolio with examples of your previous murals
     (e.g. your website, social media profile, image files)
4) Statement of interest (why would you like to participate in Sea Walls St. Thomas and a brief explanation of your mural painting experience)


Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans is PangeaSeed Foundation’s groundbreaking ARTivism program that brings the message of ocean conservation into streets around the world.To date, Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans has been the most powerful tool for the realization of PangeaSeed Foundation‘s mandate. With the help from our growing community of supporting ARTivists, we continue to bring attention to the global plight of our oceans through ARTivism and are fostering a new breed of conservation through community engagement and empowerment.
Clean Sweep Fredericksted partnered with PangeaSeed in 2019 to launch Sea Walls, St. CroixThis activation, being the first in the U.S. Virgin Islands, involved a combination of artists from abroad and locally, working collaboratively to use art as a means to give a voice to our oceans. Several large-scale murals were painted across the island in 2019 and also featured: 1) Public side events to further connect with the community such as film screenings, 2) Youth workshops in collaboration with Big Blue & You, 3) Beach clean ups, 4) Panel discussions and more.
Discussions started in 2021 to re-engage PangeaSeed to launch an activation on St. Thomas and St. John to complete the Sea Walls USVI activation. Stay tuned for updates on Sea Walls St. Thomas which is currently scheduled for November 2022!